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As you can see not many articles have been going up lately. I have been struggling to write and therefore I have try new method to help all.

I will still be writing articles but I am also completing a youtube/podcast to help further. I realised quickly that my articles are lengthy and this may not help you if you are dyslexic. Therefore I have tried a very simple method of just talking over a powerpoint slide to help. I know looks very simple and very cheap to make but this was huge task for me and I am learning as I go currently. I am no on camera as yet as I am very shy and just having people hear me talk about my dyslexia is out of my comfort zone.

Please bare with me – I am still here. As true dyslexic I am just taking my own time not sticking to schedule!!

Hope you enjoy 🙂

Author: dyslexickate

Hi, my names Kate. Im 27 and as you can see I am dyslexic. I was diagnosed with dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome quite late into my school life (uni) and would like to share my experiences and see if I can help others. I am challenged when it comes to technology so bear with me and yes I afraid there will grammer and spelling mistakes all over the place!

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