Covid – Adapting workplaces and the Benefits It May Have for Dyslexics:

You may have noticed that I have been a little quiet on my blog posts recently. I apologise but like it has affected everything, covid has had a big impact on me lately.

I do struggle massively with time management and normally I have a routine which helps with this. But since covid has hit, my world has been turned upside down and my head has been a bit all over the place.

First of all I should probably explain that I have actually had covid (I wasn’t tested officially as they were not testing anyone in my age group at the time – but the emergency services had confirmed I had the distinctive cough and symptoms). I am much better now but still am suffering with some of the after affects 4 or 5 months down the line such as my hair is falling out (only in parts but definitely thinning out) and my chest gets a little tighter now when cold air hits me. It was horrid and took me 9 weeks to get better. But I do not want to dwell on this anymore.

Due to cases increasing all offices in the UK are working from home and I am very lucky. I have therefore gone back to my parents so I have my support system in case we should get another lockdown.

Although there are many negatives from covid. It has helped to highlight some benefits of working from home and this has made my life actually easier as a dyslexic. Although I am finding it hard that my routine has completely changed and being flustered as I had left all my notes in the office. Now I have made myself my own desk and office area it is getting easier.

I am finding working from home improve my mental health as I do not feel nervous anymore on the phones as no one can hear me. This has made me work more efficiently. I am finding I am more focused with less distractions. I do love the socialness of my office (and I do miss this and the people) but as a dyslexic I do find I get distracted so easily. Whereas if I am on my own and I can focus so much better. Therefore, I get lots more done at a better quality.

The BIGGEST benefit is I can control my surroundings. For example, with my irlens I often find it too bright in the office but its not like I can just turn the lights off in an office. However, at home I can. And this has helped so much. I am not getting sick and not nearly as tired as I was (part of that is I am saving 2 hours a day on my bus commute). I also have access to all my outlay and not need to explain or feel silly when I stick these over my computer screens. I can now even use my talk type software for when I do letters which is much quicker for me. Whereas in an office I couldn’t really do this.

Don’t get me wrong I hate Covid and what is happening. But it is very interesting to see what technology we have and how this can be used and adapted. Just something positive to think about.

Stay safe guys – wash those hands and mask up.

Author: dyslexickate

Hi, my names Kate. Im 27 and as you can see I am dyslexic. I was diagnosed with dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome quite late into my school life (uni) and would like to share my experiences and see if I can help others. I am challenged when it comes to technology so bear with me and yes I afraid there will grammer and spelling mistakes all over the place!

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